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Entry 11- Yule

Chapter 18

Language has many variations, especially in the spoken way, and it is possible to find different varieties inside the countries; the study of this is called linguistic geography.  The standard language is “ ideal” variety of one language since it does not have an specific region and it is associated with administrative, commercial and educational purposes. The vocavulary, spelling and grammar tend to the ideal form used in written language. Teachers teach this “ kind” of English, as if it was neutral.
  Although, we try to speak this English, all of us have our own accentwhich could be subtle  or less noticiable . Accent is the aspect of the pronpunciationthat identifies where an individual speaker is from ( region or social). Whereas, dialectdescribes features of grammar and vocavulary and pronounciation as well. There are some regional dialects that have stereotyped pronounciation asssociated with them. The region has a significant importance since the speech of those peopl…

Entry Make up

I think the first video ( the lady buying a pair of shoes) is the most effective since it is very graphic and direct. We can clearly understand the message that it wants to convey; there is no other interpretation and there is anything hidden; everything is transparent and unambiguous. That lady is buying a pair of shoes in an innocent and ignarant way until the shoe lace leads her to the cruel business that it is masked behind. She could see by her own eyes the evil life that the worker was living: working under slavery conditions. The REFLECTION is: we, buy products, just to please our ego or needs at the expense of poor people. We, as citizens, should be aware of this and try to modify our habits.

Entry 10 summary