Entry 14 Final relection

The portfolio is a good tool to have a record about what we have been doing during the whole year. It is useful because we are “obliged” to read and do a revision of the texts in order  to upload them. Another advantage of the blog is that I had to put up with technology; it was a  challange to become acquainted  with it.  As it is all recorded in the blog then, I believe that it would be easier to study from there. The summaries are already done; what it is left is the hardest part: studying it.   What I like most were the videos. They  clarified  what the thesis statement is about. I liked the videos of David Crystal, they were very interesting and clear. He explained in a simple way what happens with language, how culture may influece on it.  I liked those videos that showed people speaking the same language ( English) in  different ways. It shows us , as future teachers, that those people could be comprehensible although their pronounciation was not perfect at all. So, the reflection…

Entry 13 reflection

Whenever I am asked to write something, whatever it is, I feel always hesitant about my ability to do it correctly, so having studied a theory may help me to improve my writings, or at least to be aware of what I am doing; it gives me the chance to correct myself . I think writting is a challange since through this skill , our weak points  are given away: we have to be presice, coherent and cohesive. The clearer, the better.  However, I know that I need a lot of more practice to keep on improving. Moreover, I would have preferred to write more than one essay because I do believe that the major changes are possible with practice ( by using the theory). I would have liked to write more than one essay to see the transition between the first and the last essay.

Entry 12 videos

1- The Inspector needs "a flawless American accent": 

  The  French inspector was taking classes of English in order to impove his pronounciation to sound  more English like and in that way he would not allow suspicious. The teacher was teaching the  standard language which is the chosen one in educational centres  and for commercial issues. It is supposed to be the ideal grammar and  the ideal pronounciation to be undestood by anyone who speaks English. Despite he could not immitate the exact sounds since his mother accent was very strong, he could be interpreted anyhow. The teacher insisted on him to pick the standard sound by repeating once and again, and by chunking the sentence, but he could not make it; his accent “describes the aspects of pronounciation that identify   where an individual speaker is from, regionally or socially” and it give him away.

2- Student 'dialects'?

  This group of students are sharing the same English classes and each of them has to deal …

Entry 11- Yule

Chapter 18

Language has many variations, especially in the spoken way, and it is possible to find different varieties inside the countries; the study of this is called linguistic geography.  The standard language is “ ideal” variety of one language since it does not have an specific region and it is associated with administrative, commercial and educational purposes. The vocavulary, spelling and grammar tend to the ideal form used in written language. Teachers teach this “ kind” of English, as if it was neutral.
  Although, we try to speak this English, all of us have our own accentwhich could be subtle  or less noticiable . Accent is the aspect of the pronpunciationthat identifies where an individual speaker is from ( region or social). Whereas, dialectdescribes features of grammar and vocavulary and pronounciation as well. There are some regional dialects that have stereotyped pronounciation asssociated with them. The region has a significant importance since the speech of those peopl…

Entry Make up

I think the first video ( the lady buying a pair of shoes) is the most effective since it is very graphic and direct. We can clearly understand the message that it wants to convey; there is no other interpretation and there is anything hidden; everything is transparent and unambiguous. That lady is buying a pair of shoes in an innocent and ignarant way until the shoe lace leads her to the cruel business that it is masked behind. She could see by her own eyes the evil life that the worker was living: working under slavery conditions. The REFLECTION is: we, buy products, just to please our ego or needs at the expense of poor people. We, as citizens, should be aware of this and try to modify our habits.

Entry 10 summary

Entry 9- thesis statement

Thesis Statement: Single claim (what you think about the topic) which includes a topic. It is arguable.  It is divided in three parts :                                           *The subject: the topic itself                                       *The presice opinion: the opinion on the                                             subject.
 *Blueprint of reasons: the plan to argue and prove your opinion with support and to persuade the audience.