Entry 14 Final relection

The portfolio is a good tool to have a record about what we have been doing during the whole year. It is useful because we are “obliged” to read and do a revision of the texts in order  to upload them. Another advantage of the blog is that I had to put up with technology; it was a  challange to become acquainted  with it.
 As it is all recorded in the blog then, I believe that it would be easier to study from there. The summaries are already done; what it is left is the hardest part: studying it.
  What I like most were the videos. They  clarified  what the thesis statement is about. I liked the videos of David Crystal, they were very interesting and clear. He explained in a simple way what happens with language, how culture may influece on it.
 I liked those videos that showed people speaking the same language ( English) in  different ways. It shows us , as future teachers, that those people could be comprehensible although their pronounciation was not perfect at all. So, the reflection is that we have to ask our selves,what we should  focus on or what  is really important to teach to the children of these current days. At least, as we have seen, there is not just “one English language".


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